Creative Holidays in Italy


Leonie Whitton is a professional painter and joint owner of Il Collegio Holidays, which was founded by herself and her partner David Westby in the early 90's. Before this she was a full-time senior lecturer at Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall, England, and visiting lecturer at many other colleges and universities in the U.K. She also taught and held the position of Artist in Residence at Victoria College, Melbourne, Australia in 1988. Her work has been exhibited in the U.K, Europe, the U.S.A. and Australia, and is held in public and private collections world-wide. Since moving to Italy she has continued her interest in Medieval and Early Renaissance art, with particular reference to Tuscan fresco painting of the Quatrocento. During the restoration of Impisi Leonie added glass and ceramic mosaics to walls and pavements around the courtyard and pool. Leonie has a passion for good food and creatively meets the high gastronomic expectations of the guests on the holidays. The cultural and culinary discoveries she has made in the move to Puglia has already influenced her cuisine and she enjoys using the produce of the kitchen garden at Impisi.


David Westby graduated from Falmouth School of Art before his post-graduate studies in drawing and sculpture at the Slade School of Art, London. This was followed by a Boise scholarship for a year in Italy and Sicily which started his continuing interest in Italian life culture and art. He exhibits widely in the U.K. has work, both painting and sculpture, in many private collections and is gaining a reputation for public art and sculpture with commissions in Cornwall and Yorkshire. During the building works at Impisi he developed new skills in stone carving, adding decorative detail and sculptural works to the property. His experience as a teacher ranges from vocational education in painting , drawing and sculpture, part-time lecturing in drawing and fine art at foundation and degree level. He enthusiastically communicates his skills and extensive knowledge of painting and drawing during the Il Collegio Art Holiday workshops. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge of art history, architecture and culture with visitors on the excursions he and Leonie organise during the Art Holidays. He is looking forward to discovering more of the artistic and cultural heritage of the region of Puglia and sharing them with visitors.

Leo and David Mark and Vicky Leo and David

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